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  • Adult Education - 9 am
  • Worship Service - 10 am


  • Adult Bible Study - 1 pm
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Join Us!


  • Adult Education - 9 AM
  • Worship Service - 10 AM


  • Adult Bible Study - 1 PM
Worship Online
cross stand under purple and blue sky

Zion Lutheran Church

Discover Our Church

Get to know our mission, our music and our diverse and thriving community.

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    Our Mission

    Inspiring spiritual growth, uniting communities, and translating faith into action.

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    Our Music

    Blending contemporary and traditional melodies to invoke spiritual harmony and celebrate divine worship.

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    Our Community

    Cultivating a diverse congregation and strengthening community ties through faith and fellowship.
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Community Voices

What Our Members Say

Our members share their transformative experiences and the profound impact of community, faith, and worship at Zion Lutheran Church.

  • Kris & Fero Kainama

    Moving to the USA there are many unknowns, such as cultural adaptation, weather, habits, ways of thinking and of course the language. And finding a church and community are two most important points to look for. In all the lack of understanding and many unknowns, God opens it for us one by one.

    Surrounding our house there are at least 6 churches, but that Sunday morning, August 13, 2023, God led our steps to Zion. Warmly welcomed by Mr. Dave Meyer, with great familiar hymns, music from organist Garry, clear and big letters in the church bulletin, Pastor Tyler’s genuine and well-thought sermon, coffee time after church and escorted back home by Marie O’Connell; all of those just like “first love at the first sight moment for all of us”.

    Many seniors’ congregations (we saw very few of our age) makes us wonder, how we will communicate and interact with them. However, every week we learn that we, the younger generations, feel like we are nothing compared to them. It is such a privilege to learn and watch direct examples and learn directly from them about faithfulness, humility, enthusiasm, wisdom, faith and many more.

    We kept coming back every Sunday, feeling greatly accepted by all the congregation. Faith, our son, enjoys and awaits the children’s chat every week. Fero is thankful to be able to take part in the service and choirs. Kris was given the opportunity to learn the online broadcast.

    God provided the needs through many things that we never thought before. God’s providence is real through the Zion Lutheran The Dalles Church community. Food, clothes, knowledge, attention, community and many more, God provided them throughout the season’s changed.

    Thus far the Lord has helped us. It is History, not ours. May He be willing to give us the opportunity to learn and grow together in faith, and become the disciples of Christ, to serve Him, to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever.

  • Steve & Kim Larsen

    We started attending Zion Lutheran after moving to the Gorge in 1990. Originally drawn by the music opportunities, we quickly found it to be a welcoming and caring community, willing to share God’s love wherever we were on our faith journey.

    People have come and gone from Zion, but the laughter and tears we have shared with those who call it their church home, and the prayers uplifted on our behalf, will keep us a part of this community.

  • Joan Hutchinson

    When we moved to The Dalles, I was looking for another ELCA Lutheran Church. I love Zion because it is welcoming in a genuine way. I really appreciate the adherence to true Christian values and the actual words of the Bible. I value that everyone who wishes to take communion, can with no questions asked.

    Pastor Tyler, it seems, has just the right uplifting message each week to give contemplation to our souls. And finally, the music is truly incredible, with so many talented musicians!

  • Larry Slemp

    While attending Zion Lutheran is something that came about because my wife was hired as their office manager, that isn’t the reason we ultimately decided to continue attending. The people at Zion truly exemplify what Christ called us to be. They love everyone, do not judge, give to others in every way possible – they have the light of Christ shining in them. It is an honor to be a member at Zion and be among these amazing people.

  • Tim Curran

    I was brought up in the Catholic church In Dallas, OR, and looking back, I am very thankful for it. I think it provided a moral compass for me early in life that helped shape the person I am today. I am also one of eight children, and although I had a great family and upbringing, life did not come without its shared struggles. I feel my faith in God got me through some very difficult times in life.

    Fast forward many years later, I found myself soul-searching. At this point in life, I considered myself spiritual but not practicing in any one faith. I held some hard feelings toward the Catholic church, and I did not feel I was accepted for who I was as a person. I wanted to be a part of something, and for lack of a better term, I found myself “Church Shopping”.

    Coincidentally, I met Pastor Tyler at a social event, and I was invited to attend Zion after expressing some interest. After attending, I felt some familiarity, but along with that, I felt comfortable and welcome. I have enjoyed my time of worship at Zion and feel I have found what I have looked for.

    I am impressed also by the community outreach and support the church provides, and in the near future, I hope to participate in some capacity. I also very much enjoy the music, the choir, the bells, and the overwhelming good feeling and energy that the church gives off. I very much look forward to being a member of Zion Lutheran Church.

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